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Attractive Chair Covers For Weddings

Chair covers, whether they are used for the wedding service or for the wedding reception, make the day truly memorable and beautiful. Chair covers are also easy to find as there are many wedding chair covers for sale or rent in your area. Plus, wedding chair cover sashes and chair covers can help you reach the elegant statement that your visitors would rave about.

Instead of using plain chairs, chair covers are an excellent example of how a seemingly unimportant reception detail can create a smashing impact, especially if you select wedding chair covers with colors that complement your weddings overall theme. For an even more elegant finish, dress up your chair covers with chair cover sashes.

Chair Cover Types

Why use chair covers? Chair covers have become popular over the last few decades as they protect your rented chairs and also hide unsightly furnishings that do not go with your weddings theme. As for the wedding chair covers for sale or rent, there are several types. You can choose from any of them as long as they go with your theme and color motif.

Satin Wrap Covers. To add to your receptions luxurious look, wrap covers made out of satin offer the best in sophistication and elegance. Satin wrap covers come in various colors. It means there could be a wrap to match your motif and you wont have to rent separate sashes. Although expensive, satin covers are adaptable and would fit many chair types.

Simple White Covers. The most affordable option would be to use the plain white chair covers. It is a good thing though as they can be dressed up with taffeta or organza colored sashes to match your weddings color theme. Many rental companies usually have the simple white covers to fit the standard-sized stacking chairs.

Heavy Material Covers. There are also chair covers that come in textured, patterned, or heavier material like damask. While more expensive than plain white covers, the heavy material chair covers would fit more properly and they are also more stylish.

Buying or Hiring Chair Covers

While there are many wedding chair covers for sale, such alternative may not be economically sound. Unless you plan to start a wedding planning business, hiring chair covers may be more viable in the long run. After all, you only need to use the chair covers for one day.

Your wedding may probably be the most important day of your life. Thus, it is important to secure the right wedding chair covers to fit your overall design theme. Your wedding planner can help you in that department.


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