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Decorating By Using Light Up Leds

If you are planning a party or perhaps decorating your house, you might be interested in light up letters. Light up letters can create an interesting and beautiful aspect to your d├ęcor, when used in the correct way. If you opt to buy these letters, there are quite a lot of outlets which stock them. Other options are to rent the light up letters or maybe even build them yourself. Really, it doesnt matter where you get the letters, it is how you use them that matters. In what ways can you use light up letters for the best effects? Here are a few ideas which you may like to try.

A Street Sign Effect in the Kitchen

When guests come to a dinner party, the kitchen is probably going to be the place where they spent a lot of time. In a lot of houses, the kitchen and dining room are adjacent. With the right lettering, your kitchen can be transformed to resemble a busy restaurant. The light up letters could spell out appropriate words such as delicious or hot. These letters will enhance the look of your kitchen and look great.

Decorating the Living Room with Light up Letters

As the living room is the place where guests will spend a lot of time, some people focus on decorating the living room for the party. They want this room to create a positive impression with the guests. Where to put the light up letters for best effect is a matter of choice. Some people will put them behind the couch while others will treat the letters as a piece of art and will display them in a prominent position. Most people will opt for fun and simple words for the living room letters. A script style font spelling out these words is often used.

Cool Decorations for Weddings

If a couple of planning a wedding, they may be interested in big lit up letters to add the wow factor. These letters tend to be 4 to 5 feet tall, and spell out words such as Love or Mr & Mrs. They can look great in photographs and guests will be impressed. The companies that rent these oversized letters will usually have photos of events where they were used. If you are looking for ideas on ways to use these letters, wedding fairs and wedding magazines are a good place to look.


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