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Services Offered By General Practice Law Firm

I am a Buffalo NY lawyer who has owned and operated his own general practice law firm since 1994. Many times I am asked, What is a general practice law firm? A general practice law firm is a law firm that offers a wide variety of legal services to anyone who needs legal advice. This could mean providing services that are as simple as drafting contracts of sale to more complicated cases like criminal defense cases. If a law office does not state in their portfolio that they are only specializing in a particular area of the law, then you should be able to walk right in their office with whatever case you might need assistance with.

Most general practice law firms have several lawyers with different specializations working for their company. This is especially true for bigger law firms. For smaller law firms, they usually only have one or two lawyers specializing on a particular branch of the law. When you present them with a case, you could be directed to the lawyer whose expertise matches your needs.

To give you an idea, here are the various areas that a general practice law firm usually deals with:

1. Real Estate Law if you are having trouble purchasing a piece of property or are planning to buy property but are unsure on how to go about it, your general practice law firm could provide you with a lawyer specializing in real estate. A lot of big businesses use real estate lawyers to help them with the expansion and acquisition of property nowadays instead of just relying on brokers or real estate agents.

2. Family Law This includes divorce proceedings, custody cases, adoption, and other legal matters pertaining to family. Most family law cases center on divorce so it wouldnt be hard to find a general practice law firm to handle a divorce case.

3. Criminal Defense Law a general practice law firm usually have lawyers very experienced in criminal defense law. Their services could include providing legal advice for minor charges that simply require the payment of fines or major charges that require defending their clients in court.

4. DUI/DWI Law Most general practice law firms offer this area of expertise. DUI/DWI enforcement has become a high priority these days. A general practice firm knows how to try cases of this nature.

5. Business Planning and Business Law Most big companies retain the services of high end lawyers specializing in corporate law. Some simply consult corporate law experts as the need arises. If you do not have the funds to retain such expensive services, a general practice law firm can offer you legal advice regarding your business concerns.

6. Personal Injury Claims One of the most common cases are personal injury claims. You could be a victim of negligence or an accident. You can seek the help of your general practice law firm with any incident you might have that involves personal injury and insurance claims.

Among the other services offered by general practice law firms include concerns in the areas of estate planning, probate, traffic law etc. If you are still unsure about the services provided by your general practice law firm you can try to find out more about them by looking at their portfolio on the internet. If you live in Western NY I invite you to visit my site Here


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