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Teaching History

The way how education is delivered in the midst of the present generation owes a lot from education history. From extracting the books to the spiral curriculum, there has been much alteration that curricularists modified in the teaching process. While they are planning the ideal method for the present educational needs, they see to it that they are following one goal and that is to provide education in the maximum extent. Their plans are basically rooted on the education history. If you are wondering how teaching has evolved, heres the history.

In the dawn the 19th century in America, the teaching process was conducted in different settings. One of which is home. It is in this setting where the children learn the basic literacy such as skills in numbers. It was also done in Churches where in the children are educated through sermons, group studies and Sunday schools. There are also different lyceums and public lectures conducted during the early times. Master artisan also renders general education including trade crafts. These apprenticeship settings teach the students with the elementary skills. There were also students who had private tutors.

The realization of common school in 1830 has embarked a significant impact in the education history. It stimulated a complicated education structure which resembles some of the teaching process that we have today. During this time the most important in the teaching scenario is the maintenance of order among the students. Grammar schools graduates have been widespread and summer classes were offered during summer.

The arrival of normal school has been pioneered by the common school movement. The main reason why they established the state normal school was the overwhelming demand of teachers which have led to adoption of the same model of common school. This school has designed a single standard model where in community schools are publicly operated. However the process of creating normal schools caused shortage of teachers who could be hired for the new classrooms. Another reason why there was shortage of teachers is that the education heads have created more strict qualifications for teachers.

Normal schools have been managed in different forms. The major cities built their own schools. They do this to provide high school students as well as train teachers to be qualified for the local system. Modern schools frequently use a history expert to bring the subject alive in the classroom.The eligibility of teachers to the local system has caused several countries to build normal schools to equip their own teachers. However it is Lexington Massachusetts where the first influential state norm and school have been built. It was a professional schools designed with a single purpose for teachers in the future. In order to satisfy the nature of the school, the heads included liberal arts in their curriculum to give the teachers grounding in the earlier learning.

The education history underwent lot of improvements as well as drawbacks. From the tree-teaching scenario to online tutorials, teaching has already been to many challenges. However the good thing is that the education history will always serve as guide in creating schools for the resent and the next generation.


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