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The Life And Prophecies Of Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame loved from 1503 to 1566. He was most well known during his life as an apothecary. He was also an astrologer and known as what was known as a seer someone who can see things that are going to happen in the future. During his life he worked hard to document his large range of prophecies that have become extremely popular in recent times.

In reality the vast majority of his writings were extremely obtuse. When anything happens in recent times that seems to have significant historical context there is a means to connect it to something that had been said by Nostradamus. That does not mean that his prophecies have absolutely no merit, but it is something to be considered when trying to connect them to things that happen in our world.

During his life he was most famous for prophecies that he printed inside of his almanacs. He became so popular among elites that he was eventually summoned to Paris to meet with Catherine de M├ędicis who was the wife of King Henry the II, of France. At the time he was concerned that he would be persecuted, but he was so favored that he was appointed as Counselor and Physician-in-Ordinary for her son.

He did also do prophecies for individuals. He had a major flaw, however, in that he refused to take the time to chart out their place and time of birth and translate is appropriately as was the custom of astrologers. Many of his clients did not find this concerning, but others accused him of being a fraud.

In modern times it is believed that he prophesied a number of wars, the robbing of his own grave, the invention of aircraft and more. With the election of various leaders it has been asserted that they were the coming of the anti-christ that Nostradamus spoke of in his quatrains. This is directly related as well to the threat of a war that will be bigger than all other wars ever known. Leaders around the world have been believed to fit the description.

Nostradamus is either is believed to predict the future, or simply a fraud that had an irrational beliefs about his abilities depending on who you ask. In either case, his story has stood the test of time. There is no doubt that the story of Nostradamus and his quatrains will continue to lead to speculation regarding their accuracy.

Self Help Guide For Seeking Spiritual Truths

In the quest for spiritual truth, many are confused as to what is and isn't reality. This self-help guide will help you to seek your own spiritual truth.

To begin with, you're life is a journey. It's a quest for spiritual awakening and recognition. When moving through the pathway of life, it's often an arduous dark journey that has many pitfalls.

If you're seeking true happiness, you'll want to have a guide that will assist you. This path will give you guidance and help you to focus on what you need out of your spiritual quest. Everyone has their own path, some seek answers in astrology charts, others in intuitive readers.

Deep within your heart, you'll feel a sense of what is right and what is wrong. You'll need to learn to listen to this feeling and focus on how it makes you feel. After you have practiced finding that inner place in your heart something will click you will know when and what to do when you are confused.

If you have the feeling that something is truly not right, then you're likely having a spiritual awakening on the truth. Open your eyes and heart and focus on how you're feeling. You will sense there are other ideas and truths to live by than many people adher to. This gives you the spiritual awakening that tells you what is right.

Not everyone listens to this inner voice like they should. Many instead second guess themselves right into a mess. The mess that they create makes them lose focus on their lives.

Giving God your heart and focus is the first step in your spiritual quest for spiritual truth. God can help you to focus on reality and a peaceful feeling that will guide you through your life.

Your best self-help guide is your inner heart and it can guide you through any situation in your life. From your birth to death this inner knowledge will help you to do the right thing no matter what.

You'll feel the spiritual truth and know without a doubt in your heart that it's the truth and shall set you free.

Stop worrying about tomorrow and focus on how you're going to get through today. Living one day at a time and seeking God will guide you through your quest for spiritual truth and awakening.

Self-help means that you'll be able to help yourself along the way without having to worry about finding a guide.

You can go to church or find a mentor to help you in the beginning and you'll be able to find your happy place without having to lose your focus. There may be many teachers in your life but only the true teacher will self-guide you through your quest.

Helena Blavatsky Theosophical Society And Divine Science

There are many New Age concepts that are discussed today. Most of them have originated from the work that was done decades ago. One of the primary movers in this esoteric way of thinking was a woman by the name of Helena Blavatsky. She was well known for her books that she had written, and was a proponent of what is called the Spiritualist movement. She believed in the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, information that she gathered over time in her travels through Tibet and throughout the world. Some of these teachings ended up creating different spiritual teachings of their own, and one of those is called Divine Science another The Ageless Wisdom . Let's see how these relate, and discuss this New Age way of perceiving the world.

What Is Divine Science?

This can be referenced in a couple of different ways. First of all, it refers to what is called New Thought. The Church of Divine Science was started in San Francisco in California back in 1888, the same year that Helena Blavatsky's magnum opus the Secret Doctrine was published. Both of these teachings come from a very similar point of view. There is an underlying force that all things originate from. As a result of that, life itself is an illusion, a common thought that permeates both Hindu and Buddhist it thinking. Similar contemporary concepts have been popularized in writings and also movies such as The Matrix. There is this belief that the world that we see around us is in part the result of the way that we perceive the world, and the other part is based solely upon illusion. More specifically, Divine Science refers to the manifestations of God in Creation, with all references to God being an entity that is literally all things. Although many of their influences have come from the teachings found out the Unity Church, and people such as Charles Fillmore, Mdm. Blavatsky most certainly had some impact.

These teachings are designed to allow people that deviate from traditional religious thought such as that found in Catholicism or Christianity, teachings that allow the individual to develop their own unique viewpoint based upon a completely different premise. This premise is that we are all one, part of the One that is all things, and that through our individual perceptions and personal efforts, we can begin to peel back that veil of illusion to learn more about ourselves and the universe around us.

Traveling The World As A Spiritual Seeker - Insights On Spirituality

Perhaps now more than ever there is a gnawing thirst for spiritual knowledge and awakening. More people are meditating and are generally doing what they can to know spiritual truths. To the rest of the world, traveling the world as a spiritual seeker may seem like an expensive undertaking - traveling to India and staying in an ashram to meditate and learn yoga.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to take a sabbatical from your job and family responsibilities then you are indeed blessed. However make sure that what you intention are that you can make the time you can devote to your spiritual growth real Astrology can help you pinpoint places on the planet that will vibrate with the energy for spiritual development. For instance going to your Neptune Jupiter lines enhance the probability of meeting esoteric seekers and spiritual teachers.

However, the truth is that spirituality is very much an internal experience. And the first step in the right direction, towards awakening and insight, is going inward. Inward does not mean sitting in meditation for ten or twenty minutes. It means being aware in the present moment - in your body and with the myriad of thoughts running through your mind - and moving beyond the present moment to the gentle awareness that everything is one. That everything good and bad is in the mind of God or Supreme Consciousness.

This is really easier said than done as most people like to reminisce the past and imagine the future. However, spiritual awareness is only anchored in the now, where you are. There are many resources out there that will help you train yourself to be more aware in the present moment. Try different methods until you find one that works for you. And when you do find a method that works, you will find definitely feel within yourself a spark that can only be described as divine.

As you are working on your inner experience, it is equally important to work on your outer experience.

In Ashtanga yoga, meditation is always accompanied by the two disciplines of Yama and Niyama or inner action and outer action. You have heard about some of these observances of Yama and Niyama through the observances of non-violence, benevolent truth telling, among others.

In this day and age, it is impossible to sit in meditation the whole day and hope that you can become an enlightened individual. Spirituality does not exist in a vacuum, and going back to the idea that you should go beyond awareness into the gentle awareness of everything being in Gods mind, you cannot go on hurting others in the smallest of ways without affecting the entire fabric of the universe.

That said, be kind of others, not just in action, but in thought and words. Remember that even thoughts have energy and what you think about another person will affect him or her.

Properly Understanding Fitrana

Fitrana is one of the obligations every Muslim must fulfill each year. This is money given to the needy before the day of eid-ul fitar arrives. This money is given to the poor so that they will have something to use in order to fulfill their own need on the day of eid. The day of eid must be celebrated by all Muslims, rich or poor. The celebration is a prize or reward from Allah for the 29/30 fasts that Muslims observe during the entire month of Ramadan.

For ages, Muslims celebrate a number of special days of rejoicing each year. These special days are meant to celebrate and be happy. The two official days of rejoicing in Islam are the 2 eids. These special occasions must be celebrated by every Muslim, not only those who have the means to celebrate.

But not every Muslim have the capacity to celebrate. Some are too poor that they do not even have enough for their daily needs. To help these less fortunate Muslims to be able to celebrate, Islam gave the obligation of fitrana. In this mandate, every Muslim who is sahb-e nisab must pay fitrana before the eid prayer. This money goes to the poor for them to use for the celebration of eid. This is why it is also important to pay fitrana a few days before the eids so that the poor will receive the money before the celebration. This way, they have money to spend by the time for eid prayer arrives.

Fitrana is not the same as zakat. The two are similar obligations. The difference lies in how fitrana is measured and distributed.

The basic calculation of fitrana is 2.5o wheat per head in a family. For example, there are 10 people in the family. Per head (person), the fitrana given is 2.5 kg of wheat. That would be 2.5kg x 10 (people)= 25.0 kg of wheat. This family of 10 must pay the equivalent of 25.0 kg of raw wheat as fitrana to be given to the poor.

This amount is not so large that it is difficult to pay. Muslims are expected to pay the calculated fitrana a few days before the eid. Do not wait for the day of the eid itself before paying. Remember, this money will have to be distributed to the poor so allot a few days leeway.

A lot of people choose to calculate and pay the fitrana in the standard money against the 2.5 kg. However, it is better to calculate and pay according to the current equivalent amount of wheat. This would mean that if the price of wheat increases, the calculated fitrana is also higher. The sahib-e nisab will not be burdened much by the increase because the fitrana 2016 is still a small amount. But this increase will greatly help the poor family receiving it. They will have more money to spend on the day of eid, making their celebration even more joyful.

In Islam, it is an obligation that every Muslim will remember their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters during times of happiness, as well during times of sorrow. If they do not remember other people and forget about the poor, the world will be a sad place for those who have very little in life.