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Know The Important Phases In Neuro-linguistic Programming

Whether one believes it or not, the ability to be happy is primarily based on your thought process. In fact, whatever we feel passionately about a certain memory or incident all boils down on the ability of our mind to process it. That is the power of our mind. A lot of people unfortunately disregard the potential of the mind to alter behavior or mood. But that is a fact and a reality that most people fail to realize.

However, in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, the researchers and students of this discipline have harnessed well the power of the mind. In fact, our mind has the ability to change reality. It changes reality in such a way that alters our current perception or belief of a certain premise or stimulus. This has been considered to be very useful for those people who are always experiencing unfavorable thoughts or feelings.

To apply the theories and the principles behind NLP, it is important to know the different phases involved in NLP. These are the following:

Preparation Phase

Preparation phase allows you to prepare your mind to a certain stimulus or event which is commonly found to be unfavorable or undesirable. This requires you to make use of any vividly happy memory that you have. One should be able to carefully detail all there is in that memory which includes its location, sound, perspective, clarity, and etc. It must all be listed down.

Now, the next stage here is to think of that same happy thought without the details that you have listed. What do you notice? Did your perception on that happy thought alter?

Unplugging Phase

The unplugging phase is that phase in which you have to directly deal with a certain negative memory and remedy the feelings associated with it. The process involves the same as during the preparation phase. However, you also think of that bad memory without its details. Remove the color, the sound, clarity, and every detail about it. How do you feel about that bad memory without its details?

Surely, there is a change of how you feel about a certain event or memory when you remove the details in that memory. Thus, this should alter how you treat a certain stimulus. Basically, these are the phases involved in NLP that will help you cope up with problems or help you overcome any traumatic experience that you have had in your life.


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