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Positive Focus For A Happier Life

YouTube channels are a great resource to find self-help programs to watch on the various disciples. These videos may provide enough motivation to get the person up and moving and out of the self-pity or the self-deprecating mode that they've been trapped in. They provide an everyday motivation to stay focused and happy.

There are a number of excellent video channels that you can find out more in different areas, such as self-help, hypnosis, and even astrology channels of daily focus. However there are always basic steps to be more successful and motivated in life. Following these basic steps will help to move us forward and move the negativity out of our lives.

1. Focus

Learn more about how to focus on the positive and not the negative. We become what we put our focus on. If we dwell on the negative, we become negative. If we dwell on positive things, we become positive.

To do this, consider watching videos that give a positive spin on things that happen in life. A good example is the guy that had the flat tire on his boat trailer and needed it to haul the boat.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, he said it was a good thing that the boat wasn't on it because then he'd have to remove the boat to fix the tire and at least he wasn't out on the highway when it happened. He found the positive spin to put on the situation.

2. Perception

Perhaps the real issue is perception. The traffic jam that made you late to the interview for the job that you really didn't want anyway. Okay, so you didn't make the interview, maybe that was divine intervention and perhaps the next interview is the one that will net you the job of your dreams.

By changing your focus you'll see that you can still smile and find a reason to be happy. Perception is a great way to analyze what is going on in your life.

Remember, everyone perceives things differently. What one person perceives as a nice tone on the phone from a secretary may not be perceived the same way to another person. Is your perception off? Be honest with yourself.

3. Mind Set

If you set your mind to something, you can make it happen. Set you mind to a positive spin on anything and you're sure to feel better.

Set your mind to a negative spin and you'll be negative. Watch uplifting videos on YouTube that leave you feeling better about yourself and your situation.

Everyone's gotten out of bed and set their mind to negativity. When this happens, force yourself to mentally review a gratitude list. You woke up this morning, you're alive and well, you have a life. You get the idea. Empower your day with the maxim; Change your mind, change your life.


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