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Positive Focus For A Happier Life

YouTube channels are a great resource to find self-help programs to watch on the various disciples. These videos may provide enough motivation to get the person up and moving and out of the self-pity or the self-deprecating mode that they've been trapped in. They provide an everyday motivation to stay focused and happy.

There are a number of excellent video channels that you can find out more in different areas, such as self-help, hypnosis, and even astrology channels of daily focus. However there are always basic steps to be more successful and motivated in life. Following these basic steps will help to move us forward and move the negativity out of our lives.

1. Focus

Learn more about how to focus on the positive and not the negative. We become what we put our focus on. If we dwell on the negative, we become negative. If we dwell on positive things, we become positive.

To do this, consider watching videos that give a positive spin on things that happen in life. A good example is the guy that had the flat tire on his boat trailer and needed it to haul the boat.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, he said it was a good thing that the boat wasn't on it because then he'd have to remove the boat to fix the tire and at least he wasn't out on the highway when it happened. He found the positive spin to put on the situation.

2. Perception

Perhaps the real issue is perception. The traffic jam that made you late to the interview for the job that you really didn't want anyway. Okay, so you didn't make the interview, maybe that was divine intervention and perhaps the next interview is the one that will net you the job of your dreams.

By changing your focus you'll see that you can still smile and find a reason to be happy. Perception is a great way to analyze what is going on in your life.

Remember, everyone perceives things differently. What one person perceives as a nice tone on the phone from a secretary may not be perceived the same way to another person. Is your perception off? Be honest with yourself.

3. Mind Set

If you set your mind to something, you can make it happen. Set you mind to a positive spin on anything and you're sure to feel better.

Set your mind to a negative spin and you'll be negative. Watch uplifting videos on YouTube that leave you feeling better about yourself and your situation.

Everyone's gotten out of bed and set their mind to negativity. When this happens, force yourself to mentally review a gratitude list. You woke up this morning, you're alive and well, you have a life. You get the idea. Empower your day with the maxim; Change your mind, change your life.

A Melbourne Men's Group Looks To Tribal Practices For Support

Awareness has been growing of the need for groups to support men to deal effectively with lifes chalenges. In a recent interview following the 4th anniversary of one such group we explored what caused one of them to come into being.

Once a month, in a modest suburban back yard in the present day metropolitan area of Melbourne, a group of guys, fly in the face of the infamous Melbourne weather to sit around an outdoor fire and take part in the 'Men's Fire Circle'. Just recently, the Mens Fire-Circle enjoyed its fourth anniversary, and in recognition of the landmark, I met with the organizer and creator of the Mens Fire Circle, David Mollet, to learn a little bit more concerning what the community does and why it began.

Reporter "So what led to you establishing the Men's Fire Circle?"

"It was around the time of my 50th birthday celebration. For me I felt it was a fairly major turning point and in the days to follow I found myself reflecting on life, and in the middle of all of that contemplation, one of the issues I was turning over that really captured my attention was the way in which I was not satisfied with the spiritual leadership offered in my society. It appears to be that our religious institutions have squandered the majority of their ethical authority, and then I found myself fantasising about what my life would feel like if I lived in a tribe where individuals saw themselves as an integral part of a tribe ... It was about then that a separate voice (in my mind) spoke with me saying "You have just turned 50 Dave, that makes you an elder, so what are you intending to do about it, guts-ache and be a victim or lift, be a leader and be part of the solution."

"That thought certainly made me sit up and take notice and I decided to begin a group for men based upon the old ancient tribal values of Men gathering around fire to talk about men's concerns, and the inspiration for the Mens Fire Circle was born."

Interviewer: "Why did you go for a Men's Circle, why not just a circle for everyone?"

"That's an excellent question. At the time I really felt a powerful desire to look towards tribal societies for my approach. I really wanted to get back to something closer to nature, also it appeared to me that in tribal cultures there was a real highlight placed on rites of passage events as well as an understanding of both the varying needs, as well as the specific roles encompassed by each of the sexes. Additionally I really felt that if in their discernment, leaders of tribes had witnessed merit in males and females assembling by their gender to share and also advise each other with the specific challenges common to their own gender, then I concluded, it would definitely be a wise decision for the fire-circle I create to honour that path also."

Reporter: "To what degree have you discovered the gender restricted design to function, is it of value or do you miss the equilibrium of the feminine?"

"At first I was worried about this, yet paradoxically, what I have noticed is that it appears to be much easier for many men to be in touch with their feminine side in circle if females are absent. I believe that there are 2 points at play with this. One is that, more often than not men want to relate concerns they're dealing with in their intimate partnerships, and doing that solely with their own gender seems to permit them a little bit of added leeway to impart freely and genuinely about how they feel relative to 'the female' in their lives. I think they perceive that other guys are often able to grasp their concerns a lot better. Possibly it's due to the fact that we've all shared the same cultural conditioning, so we are conducting our lives from comparable premises.

The second factor is that when the fire-circle is all males, there aren't any sex-related interferences. There's no bidding for the attention of the women, no undertaking to "make it" with the opposite sex. With any type of prospective sex-related complications set aside, this shows every sign of allowing everyone to be more authentic."

The Men's Fire Circle gets together in the evening on a monthly basis, in Greensborough, a suburb of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia. To look up the website with all the details of upcoming gatherings, as well as the option of registering for e-mail alerts of the meetings, go to:

Reasons Why Chinese Horoscopes Are Popular

The Chinese Zodiac

The birth likeness is also referred to as the Chinese article. China has a lot of horoscopes that have gained popularity over time. There are a lot of important features that have made horoscopes to be very popular especially across the Asian continent. This article will provide you with the important information that you need to know concerning the Chinese horoscopes. More importantly it answers the question as to exactly why are Chinese astrology forecasts popular.

Birth Name

Identifying the scheme using the name zodiac has contributed to the improved popularity. The term `zodiac` reflects quite a number of similarities to the western zodiac. Both `zodiacs` have some time cycles that are divided into 12 parts. Both of them have labeled most of the parts with the names of various animals. They are also associated with the culture of the ascribing person`s personality. Also his events could also count in the formulation of these parts. However, the two have some major differences. The Chinese 12 parts correspond to years instead of months. The Chinese Zodiac is usually represented by animals, but the western zodiac does not have animals representing all the parts. In addition, the animals in the Chinese zodiac arent usually linked with constellations which are spanned by the ecliptic plane.

In the Chinese astrology we have the animal signs being assigned to the years basically represent what others are always seeing about you. It basically represents the perception that others have. It is usually a misconception when people say that the assigning of the animals in the given years was done with accordance to the western zodiac. In fact, there are animals that are fixed in the months that represent various signs in the zodiac. Though people might seem to be dragons just because they were born in months of dragons, they could be snakes inside though they were not born in months assigned for snakes and could be goats secretly.

You should also understand that within the outlined for pillars, the pillar usually represent the information regarding the background and the personal relationship of an individual. Also, you can easily determine the age of an individual by simply reading their signs e.g. in 2010, a person who was a Tiger could be aged around 12, 24, 36 or 48 years. In 2011 the year was of the Rabbit and the individual could be one year older. The twelve animals are usually linked directly to the Chinese agricultural calendar where it runs the lunar calendar. Instead of division by months, this calendar is subdivided into 24 weeks. These divisions are known as solar terms. Every animal is linked to those solar terms for a period that is similar to the Western month. The agricultural calendar usually varies according to the Western calendar.

Since every sign has been linked to a certain month in the solar year, every sign is usually linked to a season. Every element is hence linked to a certain season and all the elements that share the season are usually linked to a given season. The Chinese zodiac is also used in the labeling of some times of the day. The labeling is done in a way that every label is linked to to a certain ``large hour``.

What Is The Celtic Zodiac All About - A Brief Overview

There are many people that live their lives based upon their horoscope. This can be found in most local papers and also on the Internet. It is representative of the decisions that you might want to consider doing throughout the day, something that is based upon your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is represented by the day that you were born, specifically what constellation of the zodiac the sun was in on the day of your birth. There are characteristics associated with each zodiac sign, and the same is true for those that follow Celtic zodiac signs too. Let's take a look at Celtic Zodiac symbology in modern times and discover more detail.

What Is The Celtic Zodiac?

In a Western horoscope, there are specific animals that are represented with each zodiac sign. These are associated with a constellation in the sky that can be found traversing the ecliptic. In each culture, those that develop some form of astrology also have zodiac signs that will have different animals. In Chinese astrology, for instance, there are 12 animals that are representative of 12 years, with each year being representative of a certain zodiac sign in which you are born. In Western zodiac lore, this is divided up into 12 specific times during a single year, and the same is true with the Celtic zodiac. The animals of the tilting zodiac include not 12 but 13 signs, and each of them is represented by a different animal. The characteristics of each one are also associated with a tree, as well as a specific color and time of the year related to a lunar calendar.

What The Celtic Zodiac Can Tell You

These zodiac symbols all have specific characteristics associated with them, pertaining to your personality. The sign that you are born under will be considered when a horoscope is written up, helping you to make choices based upon your zodiac signs characteristics. Although there is no scientific backing for any form of astrology, those that follow this passionately believe that the characteristics are true. You can sometimes see very similar characteristics with yourself and your zodiac sign, giving credence to the possibility that the month and day of your birth can actually play a role in your personality, and therefore the path that you take in life.

Now that you know a little bit more about what Celtic astrology represents, as well as the signs and symbols associated with the Celtic zodiac, you might want to consider looking at the characteristics associated with the animals and trees in Celtic astrology in relationship to your birth to help you make some tough decisions.

How To Choose A Job By Astrology

Astrology can be used for a lot of different things. From figuring out what your day is going to be like to finding someone to love. It makes sense that someone could use it to find a new job. It really is a smart idea and one you should look into if you can't seem to figure out what you should be doing for your career.

What is good about using it to find a job is it can tell you what you are best at and what would be the right job for you. It will be able to point you in the right direction so you would not have to worry that you are not going after the right profession. It can center your focus so you are not wasting time on something that is probably not the best direction for you to be going in.

Astrology is based on our identities and each event is influenced by events like the positions of the planet. It is an interesting thing to look into and learn more about. If you have not heard of any of this before, it is time to look into it. You will be glad that you did and it will teach you more about where Astrology came from and its purpose.

If you don't know what your sign is, that would be your first step. Without knowing that you can't figure out what you are about. Once you have looked up your sign you can learn what traits and personality qualities go along with it.

Once you know what those are you can start to think of different jobs or careers that typically have people with your same personality types working at them. It might be helpful to go to an astrologer about all of this. They can help you get it all figured out. It can be a little confusing at times and having someone who is a professional can help you understand it better.

After you figure out a list of careers, think about ones you would like to have. See what is available in your community and start applying for jobs. This part might take you a while but keep at it. If you do, you will eventually get a job and it will be the right one for you, all because you decided to look into astrology.

Read more about the application of Astrology to careers here.