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What Is Progressive Relaxation?

Essentially, it is an effective way for you to properly reduce the levels of stress in your body by employing effective and powerful techniques to relax your body. This is considered to be progressive in such a way that it starts off mildly while working its way to fully providing you the much needed rest and relaxation.

This is considered to be a very effective technique for those people who are very stressed from their work or at home.

Find a cool and dimly-lit place to relax It should be a place that you really feel comfortable in. It can be your own room or outside in nature away from the hustles and bustles of the city life.

Close your eyes and keep your forehead in a clenched position Keep it that way and count slowly for 5 seconds until you release the position. You can repeat the process if need be and try to prolong the clenching of your forehead for a longer period of time.

Close your eyes and keep your eyes in a clenched position The same procedure in the previous one should also be applied here. This time, you should be able to clench your eyes as hard as you can and let it be in that position for 5 seconds. Progressive process in this case would allow you to relax the muscles around your eyes.

Continue the whole process throughout your body This is where you employ the same procedure in your hands, calves, biceps, forearms and in your other parts of the body. As usual, you have to clench those muscles as long as you can so that your muscles will feel more relaxed.

Surely, after this procedure, you would be able to feel very relaxed. Feel free to sleep after doing so. In fact, sleep is highly recommended after a progressive relaxation process. During this process, all the pressure points in your body are well tapped so as to release the tension off your body.

After you will be able to wake up, you will definitely feel more refreshed than ever. All those aches in your body that may be brought about by stress will be diminished or completely gone. Thanks to employing this effective technique which also helps you in significantly reducing the stress levels in your body. Stress may be conquered through proper relaxation and this is one of the best relaxation techniques that you need to do.


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